Instructions for 2019 Mountain State Fair Republican Volunteers

a.    Voter registration. Be SURE to read over the whole form as soon as you arrive. Those forms change a little bit each year. Be SURE the required bits of the form get filled out. Don’t let a Republican walk off with a completed registration form! Put the completed form(s) in the plastic storage box on the lower shelf. We’ll hand them in. Do NOT take any filled-in forms home with you!  Especially check for: apartment number, signature, and driver’s license number. These items are often overlooked.

b.    Carolina Journals for distribution and/or discussion. We may have copies of the Carolina Journal at the fair. "A proven line is: "Would you like some good news from Raleigh?" Try your best to give it all away! It's free, and one can sign up for free monthly delivery at their home!

c.    Candidate support: Help Republican candidates who use our booth as their “home away from home” at the Fair.  Running for office is a tough job, so we want to help them!   Help the candidates distribute their information.

d.    Collect Donations for Trump material:    We will have some MAGA hats, bumper stickers, pins, and perhaps other materials as well, for which we need a donation.  The funds thus collected will help fund the 2020 MSF booth!

e.    Meet the citizens: You are the face of the Republican Party to the thousands of citizens we see and to whom we talk during the 10 days of the Fair. Sit in our tall chairs, talk to the passers-by, and enjoy yourself.  Be sweet!  Smile!



General Instructions:

This is an active sales job, not a passive sit-still-and-hope-no-one asks-questions job.

a.    Volunteers for the BCRMC are responsible for purchasing their own tickets to the NC MSF. These discount tickets will be available from Ingles before Sept 6 – but not once the fair has started.   On Friday, Sept 13, gate admission for senior adults is FREE! 

b.    Sit in the tall chairs, not in short ones. You need to be face to face with the passers-by. Candidates may need to use the short chairs for breaks.

c.    Be cordial to any Republican candidates who want to hang around (inside the booth) and hand out literature.

d.    At the end of your shift, welcome the new volunteer(s) (see the roster spreadsheet taped to one of the table tops).

e.    At the end of the evening, store all registration forms (blank forms and completed Republican forms in two separate bunches, please), under the table in the plastic storage box.

f.     Remember – you are the face of the Republican Party to all passers-by. Be sweet! Smile!

Important Reminder: The rules of the WNC Mountain State Fair state that our “work” at the fair must stay inside the bounds of our 10-foot by 10-foot booth. Inside the Event Center, neither candidates nor volunteers may stand outside the booth to campaign or hand out literature.